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 Post subject: On the wrong end of a Cobra gunship
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:27 pm 
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Wifey embarked on a closet cleaning spree & we found a lot of old pics that had been buried for several years. One brought back a memory from another time & place.

In northern I Corps there was an Army fire support base called "Ripcord". They shelled places the bad guys wanted to occupy which led to them attacking the small artillery base.

It turned into quite a battle. A friend from my HS class was up there and got a Purple Heart from mortar round splinters.

Toward the very end of the battle, elements of my company and I were positioned on the Rte 1 side of the place. We never did get a definitive plan - basically we were there to hang out to be used "as needed". Thankfully, Uncle Ho's boyz had enough of napalm, air strikes and artillery & left for points west - most likely the A Shau. By the time we got there around 0900, I believe they were all gone.

But we didn't know that. Air assets were on site in quantity. FACs, fast movers and rotary wing circled the place continuously.

The previous night, Puff & Spooky had dropped the big parachute flares all night & there were parachutes everywhere. One seemed pretty close & like a dum-bass, I inquired if I might retrieve it for use as a bed sheet. Our living accommodations were pretty basic & I slept on a standard GI cot with only 2 wool blankeys - one was rolled up for a pillow.

"Go ahead," the Sgt growled, "but don't be all damn day about it!"

And away I went. Once I got a few yards from the road, it suddenly didn't seem so close. But no guts - no glory, plus it's poor form to wimp out in front of your fellows. So onward I slogged.

Vegetation was scrub brush that came about chest high to me. (I'm 6'2") Dim as it was, the light blub came on & I realized NVA wouldn't have to bend much to move through it unseen. Crap.

Closer & closer... I only glanced back once (again, you don't want to look too wimpy) and it sure seemed like a LONG way back to safety! I was very close to the parachute now...
when a Cobra gunship popped into view from behind a hill. Double crap!

It flew quite near & I could see the pilot & gunner clearly. That the gunner could see me was shown by the chin turret (with mini-gun) pointed right at me and staying on me as the helicopter moved.. I waved my M-16 and cover in the air, hoping they could tell I wasn't NVA.

Obviously, they didn't fire, or there wouldn't have been enough of me left to spread on a cracker. I've no doubt they had some choice comments about my mentality, though.

I quickly gathered up the parachute & it didn't take long to get back to the road! Stuffed it in my butt pack & we hung around most of the day until released around 1700.

The parachute really didn't make a great bed sheet, but the cords were useful. I did keep it on my cot & can't recall whatever became of it.

The whole sordid incident was a good lesson in thinking things through. But you have to live to learn & I never did anything quite that retarded again.

And I'm here to tell you being on the wrong end of a Cobra is an excellent cure for constipation! :-o SW

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**I'll leave this up for a few days -kind of a dumb story. And I wouldn't blame anyone for saying they didn't believe it.**

Darkness is all around us and enemy are just beyond the perimeter.

 Post subject: Re: On the wrong end of a Cobra gunship
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:07 pm 
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i believe you - we were young then and you were a soldier , scrounging was a bit of every story ive ever been told of VN and WWII , it was part of having any comfort one might acquire , i appreciate your telling and sharing your feelings then and now , perspective changes with time - the cobra was a formidable adversary we were fortunate to employ against the enemy there , would not have wanted to be on the receiving end

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